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The best place to find information about Koolie is on the Koolie Club Australia site. Since the year 2000, they have worked hard to spread the knowledge of the breed, the history behind it, the characteristics of the breed, and much more.

The breed comes from Australia and hence the name Australia Koolie. It is not FCI approved and there is no FCI race description on it, despite the fact that it has been around for up to 200 years.

In Australia, it is a distinct working dog that, for hundreds of years, has been used as a shepherd dog and can work with any domestic animal (sheep, goats, cattle, ducks, etc.) and has therefore acquired the hard working life with many working hours in the hot and dry Australian climate. It places great demands on endurance, stress, health and work ethic, and it is not uncommon for dogs that cannot stand the distance to be put down. It may sound harsh and cynical, but it has also meant that Koolie is a healthy and strong breed, with a very high work ethic that looks forward to the day's challenges and has a good working relationship with its owner. This is exactly what is needed on a big ranch in Australia. This is possibly also why the breed is not very well known, as the farmers have not had a need to spread the breed to the common man, but just have them as working dogs on the ranch.

The weight ranges from 12 to 25 kg (26 to 55lbs). and a height of 40 to 60 cm (16 to 23.6 inches). The base color is black or red, which can either appear as a full color or combined with white, tooth and / or merle.


Visit the Austrialean Koolie Club




Patch is from Meadowfield Koolies in Germany. His father and mother are Beaumont´s Bex and Hunterslea June who were both born in Australia.

Patch is fast. Virtually everything he does is done as quickly as possible. He is ALWAYS ready to work, on the agility track, in the sheep fold, for obedience training and if he gets hooked onto the bike he will run right till I stop him. However, new things are being investigated with care and caution.

Patch contains remarkable dog language skills and is very sociable. He's always very quick to socialize with other dogs and people. 

Born on 8. September 2016

Dark blue-merle with white neck and tail tip and then he has brown eyes.

HD free

ED 0/0

OCD 0/0


DNA test result: Carrier of TNS

Height: 52 cm.

Weight: 21 kg.

Denmark's Championship

  • 2019 B class - 5th place.

  • 2021 A class - 8th place.



Aurora is from Avondale Koolies. Aurora was born in Australia, so I had to get her imported to Denmark when she was just 4 months old. Her mother is Avondale T.N.T Doc Magic and her father is Allambie Tuxedo.

Aurora is very loving and good hearted. She loves to lie on the couch and get some pets. She's learned to move my arm right onto the spot where she's requesting a good pet. 

Aurora is always ready for fun and games, but can also work for a long time at training where she really gets to show how intelligent she can be. She often brings new ways to solve a given task.

Aurora specifications:

Born 5 July 2019

Colour: Black tri color and she has brown eyes.

HD    free(AA)

ED    0/0

OCD 0/0

Height: 49 cm.

Weight:  19 kg.

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