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Australian Koolie

Australia Koolie is an Australian Shepherd dog who has been bred for 100 of years for the hard working conditions in Australia. Breeding work is based solely on continuing these qualities, and for the serious breeder, great emphasis is placed on the guidelines and requirements that can be found under the Australia Koolie Club .

The breed is for the few and you need to familiarize yourself well with the characteristics of the breed before considering whether this is a dog for you.

Australia The Koolie breed is new in Denmark, as in 2020 there are only 4 specimens. Here you can read about this magnificent breed, and my experiences and experiences I have with that breed.

In 2019, this 4 Koolie came to Denmark. 3 of them are from the same breeder in Germany and the 4th I have imported from Australia. Funnily enough, we all live within a 25 km radio, so we have good contact with each other and can use each other with the exchange of experience.


Australia Koolie is not registered in the FCI and therefore does not have an FCI standard description, but is distinguished by being diverse in its very own way, perservering and industrious  and a fantastic partner and partner when it comes to work, and at the same time a loving and sociable dog who knows how to adapt to a positive and active family home.

If you want a dog of this breed, you must make sure that you can offer it significantly more than long air trip a few times a day. It must have tasks and energy must be burned off daily, otherwise it will quickly become a dog that will literally run on the walls, and therefore not a dog for everyone.

Serious breeders do a great job of keeping the breed in a healthy and happy condition. The good breeders around the world use adequate bloodline certificates, X-rays and DNA to ensure the breed's heritage for a healthy and strong breed and the hardworking dog they are now created for.

See the Australian Koolie Club for more information.

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